Gucci Apple Watch Band

Gucci Apple Watch Band


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These Apple Watch Bands are 100% handmade with authentic Gucci canvas sewn onto genuine leather! Guaranteed to have the Gucci symbol. 4 different holes to fit a variety of wrist sizes and clasp with a button stud.

These watch bands will take a day of wearing to break in due to the high quality leather. After a day or so, the leather softens and conforms to your wrist.

Size Small : 38mm/40mm

Size Large : 42mm/44mm 

** Disclaimer: Big City Boutiqueis not affiliated or associated in ANY WAY with Gucci or its subsidiaries, whose products appear on our website. We simply carry repurposed, authentic, vintage, pre-owned, up-cycled Gucci canvas material; obtained legally from the second hand market. All items listed are NOT products manufactured by the company Gucci or its subsidiaries. **